Art Deco Swedish Coin Silver Serving Fork G.A.B. Stockholm 1920 – Forchetta per servire di argento 830, Svezia 1920 – € 110

Forchetta Art Deco in argento 830, realizzata a Stoccolma nel 1920 dalla famosa ditta G.A.B. fondata nel 1868. In condizioni molto buone, non presenta graffi di particolare entità, ma soltanto minimi segni dovuti all’uso e alle operazioni di pulitura.

A large silver fork made in Sweden by the well known G.A.B., Guldsmedsaktiebolaget,  founded in Stockholm in 1868.

Fully hallmarked with the standard Swedish Silver marks, the city of Stockholm mark, the combination S7 that is the year 1920, and G.A.B. mark.

It has a beautiful Art Deco handle whichis grafted into the back body of the fork.

In origin the prongs were gold plated, but retain only a slightly gilt surface. It is in very good condition, with no significant scratches. It is un-monogrammed.

Measures:  length 22 cm, width 6 cm

Weight:  61 grams

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