Old Sheffield Plate Georgian Decanter Holder with 2 Decanters – Porta bottiglie di Old Sheffield, con due bottiglie da liquore, c.1820 – € 810

An outstanding Georgian Old Sheffield Plate holder and carrier with two cut glass decanters.

The Sheffield holder is beautiful and in excellent original condition (it has not been re-silvered) and shows no wear; if there are some, they are very minor on the edges. It has a beautiful handle, spherical feet (4) and wonderful details. It is clean and bright. It is unmarked as often Old Sheffield Plate is.

The 500 ml decanters are in good condition. One has a chip at the collar and minor chip inside the stopper. The other hat a severe chip inside the stopper. Both the stoppers anyway fit perfectly. Both decanters fit perfectly in the Sheffield plate holder/carrier. The ring of the handle is a little bit higher than the stoppers and one can carry the holder easily and safely putting two or three fingers inside the ring.

Despite the chips on the cut glass decanters described above, it remains a rare antique beautiful collectable item, which can be used as intended for Brandy, Whisky,  Sherry, Port or whatever  you like.

Decanters are approx 21 cm tall and have a base of 8 cm

The holder is 22 cm x 11,5 cm x 26 cm

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