Rare Set of 6 Old English Pattern Silver Plate Victorian Ladles – Set di sei ramaioli da salsa vittoriani Old English – € 255

A stunning set of six crested Old English pattern silver plate sauce ladles in beautiful condition. All with the same marks, same size, same crest and same perfect condition, this six oval ladles represent a very rare set of this kind. Barker Brothers 1871 – 1903 Birmingham

In original condition, they have not been re-silvered, and have been used and polished with extreme care and love. They are marked BB (Barkers Brothers between 1871 and 1903) followed by a crown and a shield with EPNS inside.

The crest represents the head of an Eagle.

They are approx 18 cm long, and the bowl, which is oval, is approx 7.4 cm x 4.2 cm x 1.5 cm

Bellissimo ed introvabile set di 6 ramaioli da salsa di Sheffield, di modello Old English, risalenti al periodo 1871 – 1903.

Di forma ovale, in perfette condizioni originali, tutti con un “family crest” rappresentato dalla testa di un aquila, essi formano un insieme raro e introvabile.

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