Victorian Tankard Wine Vat Shaped Fenton Bros Sheffield – Boccale vittoriano di Sheffield a forma di tino – € 450

 Victorian Tankard Wine Vat Shaped Fenton Bros Sheffield Boccale

 Stunning Victorian Fenton Brothers antique silver plate  Sheffield made tankard in the shape of a wooden wine vat, with beautifully engraved details imitating wood, and three circles.

The handle is embellished with a ring bearing a medallion with a face of a man.

Beautiful patina. Very  good condition with some wear, expecially inside,

and light bending of the upper border.


upper diameter 7.2 cm

base diameter 8.7 cm

height 12.5 cm

width with the handle 12.5 cm

Rarissimo boccale di Sheffield di epoca Vittoriana, nella forma di un tino, con bellissimi dettagli incisi imitanti la trama del legno.

Ottime condizioni, con minima perdita di argento.

Realizzato a Sheffield da Fenton Brothers, c 1870

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