Vinegar decanter, cristallo e argento Birmingham 1935, Silver Jubilee Hallamarks – € 225

Unusual and Beautiful Vinegar Decanter, Silver Mounted Cut Glass, Birmingham 1935 Silver Jubilee Hallmarks

It is 12 cm with high with the stopper,  9 cm wide and  5 cm deep

It is fully hallmarked with Jubilee mark 1935  (Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary) .

The glass is clear and clean. The silver collar is in order. The stopper has some chipping on the inside. 

John Grinsell & Sons

 The firm was active since 1871 at Victoria Works, 57 Tower Street, St. George’s, Birmingham. Showrooms were opened at 13 Charterhouse Street, Holborn Circus, London and 73 West Nile Street, Glasgow. In 1905c. the firm was converted to John Grinsell & Sons Ltd. Later the firm was purchased by Barker Ellis & Co Ltd.  The firm was specialized in the manufacture of silver-mounted glass items. CHRONOLOGY Grinsell & Bourne c. 1864 – 1871 John Grinsell & Sons 1871 – 1905 John Grinsell & Sons Ltd 1905 – c. 1920

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